The Concept:
A dessert installation about film and time based media for Autofuss’s 3rd anniversary party.

The Meal:
192 crab apples dipped in caramel, which drizzled onto a bed of popcorn and peanuts.

The Mood:
Dramatic lighting with hanging screens
Long and narrow custom built furniture
Apples hanging on skewers at different heights, creating a flow
Crowds of people surrounding the installation
A performance, where each apple is dipped in caramel one by one
The installation changes over time - the caramel drips, the apples & popcorn are consumed
Handwritten time code is revealed when popcorn is lifted from the table

The Experience:
At first glance, the apples seem suspended in time. But as time flows, things inevitably change. The audience become an essential part of this dessert installation by consuming and changing the artwork.


Updates in the new space:
1) making jigs for new structure
2) Travis Perkins delivery!
3) building chairs, making costumes
4) sending out text for press release
5) working out details for performances
6) meeting with Grace & Christiane from Roca

The new studio!!!

nutcracker. hahahaa. this is funny.

Jennifer Rubell - catching honey with yogurt installation

Ayako Suwa & 2am Lab Journey on the table Experience Dinner Singapore

Projection & lighting

costume prototpye

from landscape to body feature

(Source: youngntherestless)

water manipulated by sound! :)

Lynette was working on canopy on last Friday. The fabric looked quite nice with lights.

Jan, trying to figure out the height of the reflective disk(?) structure.

From the new studio. We look working hard. haahah

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